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Stimulus solid in going forward

Mon, 3 June 2013 04:43
by Business Writer

With a portfolio return of 19%, which is about three times higher than returns on the money market, Stimulus Investments Limited has clearly reshaped the investments, stock and money market sectors in the financial world of Namibia.
It enjoys a stable and highly experienced Board made up of Peter Koep, a lawyer with vast knowledge in mining and corporate law, as its non-executive Chairman being assisted by Angela Katjimune a renowed manager for Oil and Gas projects, Stuart Moir, the former Managing Director of FNB Namibia.
The most prominent indigenous lawyer, Sisa Namandje, is also part of the Board, with Monica Kalondo and Rein van Veen as the Executive Board members.
The two share vast amounts of experience in asset management and corporate finance.
This balanced pool of experts together with a dedicated workforce, is now sitting with N$166 million, which they will invest in profitable portfolios.
Their latest financial results highlights that the entity has grown its Total Assets from N$260 million (2012) to N$428 million (2013), an increase of 64% with notable increase in their investments in unlisted equities and also in subsidiaries in the Plastic and Packaging Division, Printing, Retail and Properties divisions.  
Products from these subsidiaries are competitive and the majority of them are exported to countries like Angola, Botswana and Zambia.
There was also an increase money market investment instruments of 75% from N$95 million to N$166 million, increasing the pool of the funds under the entity’s management.
Revenue for Stimulus Investments Limited, which is mostly dividends from these investments, has remained in the N$13 million mark, but the organisation benefited more on the Fair Value Adjustments of their Assets with these adjustments increasing by 74% from N$19 million to N$34 million.
This has contributed to the healthy profit of the year of N$9 million from N$1,2 million for the prior period.
The entity has informed stakeholders that it has N$166 million they intend to invest and it will be looking for safe and strong performing sectors.
With the confidence that has been placed in the management team when it comes to decision making, stakeholders are assured of pleasing results come next year this time.
Stimulus Investment Limited is a very strong brand with a well balanced Board and a stable management team that is comprised by a hardworking team with zero staff turnover.
Today, Stimulus is the longest private fund with strong underlying assets in portfolio, and the only private equity firm that has capacity to perform a full spectrum of a due diligence review, which is a complex exercise that the consultants do whenever an entity is buying or selling of shares.