SpelQuizzBee benefits from Social Security Commission

The Social Security Commission (SSC) today handed over donations amounting to N165 500 to seven (7) various organisations and worthy projects as part of its social responsibility.
The beneficiaries are Chiseho Project of Caprivi Region, Cuca Tops Football Club of Kavango, Diversity Tour of Karas, Digging Stones Project of Omaheke, Namibian Women’s Lobby of Otjozondjupa and SpelQuizBee Namibia as well as Victims 2 Survivors who are both from Khomas.
SpelQuizBee got the biggest chunk of N$100 000 as they run a school quiz competitions countrywide.
Earlier this year, the SSC Development Fund gave 63 bursaries and study loans, to the value of N$11, 5 million.
SSC Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) David Keendjele said the company will continue to play an important role in supporting and promoting the academic excellence of the learners.
Keendjele also said he hope to see positive spin-offs from the grants in a not too distance future.
“The SSC has will continue to empower and enable communities, individuals and identified causes by providing social assistance in kind, financially or materially,” said Keendjele
Marizaan Bock ,Project Coordinator at SpelQuizBee thanked SSC for its financial support.
“But what has made it more tremendously exciting is the response from the corporate sector. We therefore like to thank SSC for its tireless contribution to education and this project in particular,” said Bock.