Does Mushe have a zipper problem?

mushe is not only fast at scooping awards or crushing cars that come with his winnings, but he is also fast when it comes to producing babies.
Recently The Villager learned that he knocked up local songstress Guilty and was gone and dating someone else before we could call his now fourth child to be a foetus.
Mushe recently became a father again when his first baby mama, Anna gave birth earlier this year. But he was allegedly also dating Guilty at the time he knocked up his baby mama. Anna still calls herself ‘the girlfriend.’
Guilty is his current victim, and she also calls herself the his ‘girlfriend.’
It was not long when Mushe and Guilty where seen on Namibia’s Cutest Couples on the same Facebook page with the new girl ,whose name we don’t know.
We are starting to pick up his strategy, it’s a hit, run and return. The only girl who seems to be out of his “girlfriend” equation is his second baby mama.
When called by The Villager, he did not make effort to deny or confirm the allegations about impregnating and dumping the girls.
“It doesn’t matter who I am dating, and who is my ex. That is my business. I am not going  to entertain this. You can write whatever you want” Mushe said annoyed.
“He introduces them all as his girlfriends” a close friend said, who decided to remain anonymous. The girls apparently refuse to leave even though they found out about each other.
The 28 year old is going to become a father for the fourth time will be visiting USA soon to perform at planned shows.
Hella can count herself lucky for getting away from him without his good bye signature, a baby.