Art taken on an upper level

In order to take his passion to another level, Morne Kisting decided to started Kisting Engineering Pty Ltd and Empty Sea Production which he operates from Windhoek.
Kisting Engineering specialises in the provision of social media marketing integration services, which are provided to upcoming registered Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  
Social media marketing enables a company to promote its products and services through the use of social Media platforms such as blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn amongst others.
On the other side, Empty Sea Production Namibia specialises in visual arts production which refers to film making assistance and artists, authoring, performing and publishing of poetry management. Kisting thought of starting his own business after battling unemployment for a couple of years after school, which made him realise that he could rather invest into his artistic passion.
He opened his first business in 2006 called ‘Chic Fanatic Jewellery Production’. ‘Chick Fanatic Jewellery Production deals with jewellery and accessory manufacturing, using semi precious stones.
Kisting, holder of a national diploma in computer science and engineering, also did various business management, artistic and technical trainings. As a jewellery manufacturer and entrepreneur, he obtained an advanced certificate in jewellery manufacturing through the City of Windhoek Youth Entrepreneurship. He also took part in the SMEs training workshop offered by Polytechnic of Namibia to upgrade his business management skills.
He further participated in the 2010 Namibian Business Innovation Centre (NBIC) product and technology competition, where he won 3rd overall prize just to name a few. His learning did not stop there as he also participated in the film making workshop of the Namibia Film Commission. He received apprenticeship training as a film production assistant working on a Namibian film “The Puritan”.
As part of his film making business venture, he also took part as an actor into two foreign films namely Verdacht Suspicion from Germany in 2010 and Tirza from the Netherland in 2009.
He has also been contracted to perform in various projects such as /Ae//Ams Arts & Cultural Festival and Poetry Festival that took place in Windhoek. All the training he has taken part in have upped his confidence into art making whether in poetry, jewellery making and visual production and has strengthened his business ventures, he believes.
“Having started my businesses basing them on my artistic ability has helped me break through from all wrongs I was involved in namely alcohol and smoking. I decided to channel my energy into something positive which will empower my life. Being an entrepreneur is not easy and requires self discipline, ethics and determination,” he says. He adds that: “I am satisfied with what I do and with time I have established a number of clients who either want costumed jewellery or services from the visual production. When it comes to jewellery, I try to make unique pieces as I want to make everyone feel special. I work with the client design.”
Strangely enough, growing up, Kisting was more involved in sport events and his future looked more prone to go that direction.   He used to take part in athletics and was part of the University of Namibia’s rugby team.
However, realising that he was not making much in sport, he decided to invest more into business ventures.