Cash loan employees trick owner

A cash loan owner opened a case of fraud against his employees who have been defraying money from the bank accounts of clients without their knowledge, while they also opened fictitious accounts on behalf of the borrowers illegally.
Wouter Smith,  owner of Ombalantu Financial Services in Okahandja,  suspended two of his employees following claims by his clients that money amounting to N$160 000 was missing from their bank accounts.
“They created false contracts with the profiles of our clients, forged their signatures and withdrew money from their accounts. There was no way we could know about it until the clients started complaining. I cannot say their names but the two employees that were suspended are the only ones who were working in that department”, said Smith.
He said he is not in a position to say who is guilty or not until the police have completed their investigation.
Another source who spoke anonymously revealed that the clients have also opened a case against the company, saying that their money has been withdrawn since February this year.
However, Okahandja Police station commander, Chief Inspector Jolanda Uugulu, only confirmed that Smith opened the case against two of his employees.
“Yes the employer of the cash loan in question has opened a case against the employees who are suspected to have defrauded his clients and the case is still under police investigation”, said Uugulu.
According to Uugulu, the company called an auditor to determine exactly how much money has been withdrawn from the clients without their consent.
Meanwhile Smith told The Villager that this is not the first time a case like this has happened at the company and the police have not been very helpful.
“I have twelve other offices around the country and last year I lost N$800 000 due to fraud cases and not even one case has been successfully solved by the police”, Smith said.
Smith added that a disciplinary meeting will be held in the meantime for the suspected employees.