Sex strike nonsense

So I hear there is a “no sex strike”! I am not taking part because this is utter nonsense.
Really? What is happening to this nation? It’s obvious this idea originates from nuts women who don’t get any to begin with.
I really support the cause as a woman, and as a woman I don’t think that men will stop stealing sex just because you went on lock-down for a few months.
Who is going to benefit from this ‘say no to gender based violence strike? What are we going to proof? What influence will this have on men, criminals can multi-task.
If he can’t steal sex this month he will steal a life or a laptop.
This is a stupid idea, I am sorry ladies. If you wanted to make a real threat, threaten to wipe out the entire human race by removing your womb now. That is real damage.
Ok, maybe we cannot really stop human kind from multiplying but what I am saying is that the founders of the idea could have been a little more creative with the solution, because that is not a solution at all and most of us will not risk our relationships for this.
This is a movement that will achieve what?
Women we love attention too much, not to have sex, you....yes youuuu will be lying to the world if you say you are on the sex strike too.
This is a love and sex game, and even if the man you are in  relationship with respects you sometimes, the sex makes things better. You do not have my vote on this one.
If you want to do some serious damage then start a bill petition for rights of women.
The right way a law that says you will be turned into a eunuch if you are found guilty of any gender based violence that will put a dent in their testosterone.
Until you come up with something solid ladies, please don’t waste my time.