NAMAs were like ÔÇ£China town sales dayÔÇØ

What is the worst thing that has ever been published about you?
None that I can remember so I guess I have been a good boy
What is your favourite word?
Hoko! hangashanyaa! Depending on whose getting it bad but I mostly use that when watching soccer
Have you ever encountered a gold digger? How did you handle it?
Definitely, but I always send them to Orandjemund there is more gold there
What is PDK’s best song so far?
Bam Bam
Do you like Tom and Jerry?
Nope, I like Phineas and Ferb
If you were stuck on a boat for 8 weeks with Shikololo, Tate Buti, Sally and Tequila and you had to eat some of them, who will you plot with and who are the two people you would eat?
I will plot with Tate Buti, but it’s to find a way on how we can make them bait for some sea creatures
What is your favourite historic event *don’t say Namibian independence or when your child was born*
The day I ate an apple..... (hahahahahahah...)
How was your first sex experience?
Can you cook?
They call me chef Jona because I am a good cook both in the kitchen and bedroom
How long to you rehearse before PDK performs?
Depending on the show it can be everyday, for one or two weeks
Did you ever wet the bed as a child? How old were you when you stopped?
Yes, till I was 12 maybe
Do you think the illuminati also assists gold diggers or just musicians and movie stars?
Those ‘niggas’ want to control everything so they go for who’s who people with influence. Not this hustling ‘kambolotos’ but they consider us all part of their big plan (whatever that is...?)
Is there anything you have kept from your childhood till now?
I still have my baby tooth it never got out
Coke or Windhoek Lager?
City Lager
If you died right now what would your last words be?
Carry on
Big Brother Africa season 8 is starting in less than 3 weeks, who do you think is going or should go?
They should send Kahenge and Monica Morocky
What is the most embarrassing moment in your life?
Every moment is a great moment to me bad or good. So I can’t think of one at the moment unless falling off a donkey qualifies
Why isn’t the no 11 pronounced onety one? like twenty one and thirty one?
Lol... you are funny and crazy good
Why do guys say they don’t like girls with fake hair and fake nails but their girlfriends are doing the same?
The truth is we all want our woman to look good so we don’t really care, it’s just talk.
Who are the hottest women in Namibia excluding your girlfriend/wife/relatives?
Dillish Pearl Monroe, Jeniel Athea Appollus, Saara Kuugongelwa and Katrina Hanse Himarwa
When is the next album coming?
End of November this year as usual
What are the most attractive qualities in a woman?
How she dresses, discipline, respect, loyal, patience, know your ways in and out of the kitchen and household work. Spend a day with my girl and you will know why I never let her go
If you were caught in a fire and you had to choose between a pet and your car which would you save?
I will drive my car out and call 911 for the pet
If you won a million bucks what is the first thing you would buy?
House for my GF and daughter. The rest, after some investment is done, me and my family will see how to deal with it
Have you ever dated two girls or more at the same time?
Even more at some point but like everything else it ended, I had fun
Why are men afraid of prison?
It’s a waste of time besides you might get raped in there
Describe your feelings for the NAMAs this year in three words?
Chinatown sales day
If you could trade places with a Namibian celeb, who would that be?
I am cool being me; I wouldn’t change me for anything
If you had to explain to a 6 year old what sex, what would you say?
Lol... its how they baked you
What is the worst job you have ever done?
When mom made me unclog our toilet it was a shitty job.
Why does it suck to be a celebrity?
Some people think that you are all that, but you just doing your job like everyone else. So sometimes, you don’t get to enjoy certain things as normal like everyone else
If you were told you only had 8 hours to live what would you do?
Just spent more time with everyone that matters in my life and probably do all the crazy things I haven’t done yet