Namibia embarks on agriculture census


The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has availed US$478 000 (approx N$4.3m) for the execution of the Namibian Agricultural Census.
An agricultural census is meant to evaluate a country’s food self sustenance and also view the ability of the country to produce for its own.
The money released today at the signing ceremony between FAO and the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) in Windhoek will be used to pay the technical expertise needed to carry out the tedious process of correlating data on the country’s agricultural production before mid next year.
Commenting on the agricultural census, said, “The last agricultural census was done 10 years ago and we are going to have one with the help of FAO, bearing in mind that this is a very important process.
“It gives us a rough understanding of the agricultural production in the country and moreso for a country like ours which imports almost everything in food consumption,” Steytler said.
FAO Resident Representative in the country Dr Admir Bay also revealed that his organisation will avail experts in the process to help the country’s data collectors in future to align the agricultural census with the world’s best practices.
The census will be done in conjunction with all stake holders including Government through the Ministry of Agriculture Water and Forestry, NSA, Agricultural organisations in the country.