What happened Tequila?

we can almost say the 2012 Female Artist of the Year, Tequila jinxed her winning chances at the NAMAs this year after she moved from her music nest Great Wings Promotions to go solo.
Tequila was most definitely the biggest loser at this year’s event after she was nominated for seven awards and walked away with diddly squat.
All the awards that she would usually receive were snatched by her music rival Blossom.
“Every dog has its day, and it was her day” she said giggling.
Tequila’s has been signed to Great Wings Promotions since 2010 but her contract ended early this year.
Although she had gone from Female Artist of the Year to getting absolutely nothing this year, she says it’s a competition and can only learn and try again .
She could also not tell The Villager where she had gone wrong but said that it is childish to refuse to take part because you did not get anything.
“I have no idea what happened to tell you the truth. I was hoping to walk away with two awards. This is a motivation though.”
She is was nominated for Best Album of the year, Best Afro Pop, Best Female Artist of the Year, Best House, Best Instrumental, Best R&B and Best Shambo.
Tequila said she was not interested in a new contract with the label because Dr. Ben Mulongeni did not have enough time to work on her upcoming projects.
Although she did not get along with her former colleague Blossom while at the label, her decision to leave was not influenced by the bad vibe.
She is currently waiting to sign under a record label but could not tell The Villager which label just yet.
Mulongeni has been her guardian during her music career for the past three years and he was disappointed that she did not receive anything.
“I feel sorry that she did not win anything. I wish she had gotten at least one,” he said.
He was not interested in discussing the state of her relationship with the label that had helped her to Female Artist of the Year.
“I don’t like boasting like these young music managers. I want to respect her integrity, whatever has been said has been said” he said.