Man hides prostitute in closet

aKhomasdal resident Paulo Domingo (26), was caught hiding a prostitute he had hired for the night in a closet by his girlfriend, Maria Lopes (22).  
According to Lopes, she was tipped off by a friend that her boyfriend had gotten home with an unidentified woman in his car.
“She send me a message and then in return I called her to confirm if she was sure of what she had seen. I called to ask him where he was, he said he was somewhere in Katutura with his friends and that’s when I knew he was up to something,” said Lopes who lives about 700 meters away from the house where her boyfriend rents.
After knocking for what appeared like three minutes, Domingo opened the door and she could sense that he wasn’t alone in the room.
“There was just this air in the room, I asked if he was alone in his room and he said yes and asked why I was asking. I looked around and saw that if she was really in there, there was no way he could be under the bed,” said Lopes.
Lopes said there was only one logical place a person could hide in the room, and that was the closet and she flung it open immediately.
“There was this skinny woman with a lot of fake hair hidden in there, she was very scared and I asked her to come out. She was half dressed with her jersey and a top in her hands,” Lopes said.
Lopes said after some interrogation, the woman confessed that she was just there for business.
She added it was the second time that she’d found her boyfriend with another woman in his room.  
“I found him with another woman when he was staying in Windhoek North, I forgave him, but I realize now that it was a mistake,” said Lopes.
Asked to comment, Domingo claimed that Lopes had dumped him two weeks earlier.
“All I knew was that it was over between us and for two weeks we have not spoken, then she suddenly just showed up at my room. I can’t tell you who the woman was, but what I do know that Maria and I were not together and I have no idea why is she even involving you in this, are you the new boyfriend?” asked Domingo angrily.
Lopes admitted that they had argued two weeks ago, but they did not break up and they in fact started talking a week after.
“If you were here I could have shown you the messages and the dates that we have been communicating. If it’s about dumping him, I just dumped him after that night and I don’t want to see him ever again,” said Lopes.