Sisters fight over NDF soldier

two sisters in Oshakati, Aune Tuhafeni (23) and Pombili Tuhafeni (25) fought over  a Namibia Defence Force member, Erastus Kandowe (32), after the soldier has been playing loves notes on both.
A physical fight ensued between the two siblings last week after it was discovered that Kandowe was two-timing them.
According to the older sister, she found her younger sister and Kandowe  cozying up alone at home from work last week.
“I didn’t confront them that time and I thought  it was wiser for me to talk about it alone with my sister,” said Pombili.
When Kandowe had left, Pombili said she tried to talk to her sister about it, but got insults instead and subsequently the fight.
“I didn’t mean any harm and I just wanted her to explain to me what was going on that’s it, but she got mad and started insulting. It was as if she knew she was guilty and was trying to get defensive over nothing,” said Pombili.
Aune confirmed the fight,  but however argued that she did not know that her elder sister and the soldier were in a relationship.
“ I didn’t know they were dating  and the time I asked them if they were in February, she just said they were friends. This whole time we have not discussed it and I have been under the impression that they are just friends,” said Aune.
In defence, Aune said that her sister accused her of having sex with Kandowe on the sofas in the house and that is the reason she got infuriated.
“She said I had sex with the man on the sofas in the house, basically she was trying to say I’m a whore. For saying that, she was very wrong and that’s why we ended up fighting. I felt insulted, why would she want to claim the man now?” Asked Aune.
Kandowe was full of laughter when inquired about the situation and claimed he wasn’t aware there was a fight between over him.
“You know my brother, I’m laughing because what you are saying is very funny to me. Just listen to what you are saying and tell me it’s not funny. I had no idea that the two had a fight over me, and that’s new to me. Yes I was at the house, but I think that happened when I had left already and none of them told me about it,” said Kandowe, who continued to see humor in the story more than anything else.