Withholding development fund is a crime

I am a Namibian raised to be responsible, loyal and patriotic to my country. I love my country, I would die for it, I would kill for it, and it is in my nature to look after it.
Political parties are formed or created by political elites in a bid to control resources and personnel of government in order to implement the ideology or political programs, not for personal wealth accumulation.
It is sad that in my land of the brave that one keeps hearing that Members of the Executive ask for more money to be allocated to their different ministries when they table their budgets.
They repeatedly ask for money while they can’t do so much with the little they that has allocated and in some cases is returned to treasury.
Refunding treasury is not fair as it betrays the agreement made between government and electorates.
Those who have been appointed to deliver or implement the government policies in Namibia must be held accountable and perhaps be charged with misconduct for dereliction of duty and betraying trust between government and the people.
When you look at allegations of corruption in the Neckartal Dam such  as alleged bribery schemes of those members of the tender board of Namibia, it is a shame.
The people that have been appointed to deliver services to the people of the Republic are not doing their job, but prefer to accumulate personal wealth at the cost of the citizens.
This system has become heart-rending, horrifying and enraging. It’s too gruesome. The actions of elected and appointed officials are absolutely barbaric.
In terms of public policy, there are many different groups whose needs must all be accommodated for in a state structure, but seems that only one special interest camp is being catered for and that  there is exclusivity for them and rest must look after themselves.
It is saddening that we have people who want to worship gold, platinum at the expense of majority at large.
This diplomatic cologne we keep using must come to an end.
There is nothing more bad as citizens losing trust in their own government.
Remember patriotism does not feed the politics of the stomach. We have seen states being formed inside another state or states that experience state failure, my hope is that Namibia does not head in that direction.
We must stop being rhetorical consuming citizens, let us become involved in the integrative approach to development.
Let’s expose those Necrotic outstretched corrupt leaders. Let’s all unite against corporate greed, let’s make sure that those who are guilty of dereliction of duty are held to account and punished.
Much criticism must be given to the members of the opposition and civil society.
This two groups are some to hold government to account but they have neglected this role.
Opposition parties continue to complain that the ruling party dominate and that there is a need for reform in government and perhaps a separation of powers.
This is a relevant debate but they haven’t done to make the lives of their members to be better or to possibly pose as an alternative to the Namibian people this they have failed.
The opposition and civil society have not engaged or presented critical criticism to government in parliament.
It is unfortunate as opposition supposed to be bearer of accountability but have not done as much as it is expected from them.
In last week’s edition of The Villager, former Prime Minister Nahas Angula stated that visionary political leaders must become first line of defense of the nation.
If we don’t revert this corrosive behaviors we have entrenched, we will soon find that even a well-equipped army, intelligence or police will not help when a government fails those that it is supposed to serve.
Military rule wont bring faith to the inhabitants of the nation thus resulting in violence, and it is important to note that violence is a supreme authority and this is where we all derive our power from and it has been proven throughout ages.
Law becomes irrelevant in a true sense and it applies to any country and the colonial costly war in Namibia has proven that.
Let us make sure that those who have been elected enforce what is in the best interest of public with due diligence, lets come up with odious change; holistic approaches and state led development.
Let’s produce not only rhetoric leaders that toy with words like as if they toying with people but yet make wrong mistakes.
We want leaders who serve the inhabitants of this nation fought for by Chief Jan Jonker Afrikaner, Samuel Maharero and Hosea Kutako.
These chiefs quite clearly led by example to make sure that generations after them are free and can enjoy the birth right this nation bring.
They make sure that their souls and consciences were not for sale and non-negotiable.
Politics don’t require a great deal of cynicism but we must not accept attempts by politicians to buy a face after having treated people abominably. We cannot afford ad-hoc and whimsical management of our national finances. We need sound coherent economic policy and sound budgeting framework.
Government coffers can’t be full all the time, they will be run dry unless we invest in new ways to generate revenue.