Standard Bank Namibia improves education

Standard Bank Namibia (SBN) has sponsored over N$2m in the year 2013 towards the education sector through the Forum for African Women Educationalists in Namibia (FAWENA).
FAWENA is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1992 and currently operating in 34 countries.
The national chapter was opened in 1999 with the support of the Ministry of Education.
Its goal is to increase access, improve retention and enhance the quality of education for girls and women in Namibia.
FAWENA provides scholarship, mentorship and empowerment program as well as toiletries to girls in Namibia.
SBN chief executive officer Pumzi Pupuma understands that investing in the community’s welfare and development will lead to the achievement of Namibia Vision 2030.
“Through our Corporate Social Investments (CSI) initiatives here at Standard Bank Namibia, we firmly believe in moving our communities forward by ensuring that they too enjoy improved livelihood and success.
“It is only in this way that we can all collectively assist our Government in meeting its national development goals and ensure economic development,” he said.
The continuous support has so far helped FAWENA advance girls’ secondary education.
It has specially trained focal teachers who help in the selection and mentoring of boys and girls.
SBN public relation and the bulk of the bank’s Corporate Social Investment budget have been channelled into education.
“At Standard Bank Namibia, we understand that our country faces numerous challenges when it comes to our education system. Instead of standing on the side lines, Standard Bank Namibia is putting word into action by investing directly into education,” she says.
Gaomas further said that their combined effort has seen the successful empowerment of many orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).
Some of the programmes implemented by FAWENA include education and psycho-social support, gender responsive pedagogy as well as San girls’ and Boys’ program.
SBN pledges 1% of net profit generated by its business operations to CSI initiatives.