Conniving Nicholas, caring Thato!

If you were single, would you date a groupie?
No, What I look for in a woman is brains, vision and seeing me beyond what I do.
How do you juggle your personal life and entertainment?
It’s hard, this does not pay at all. I am not rich but like I you told you, I started a company. What we get wrong in South Africa is that we get Americans to come to our events and pay them big bucks. I say keep the money in the country. It’s ok to book other Africans. I have a problem with the fact that we bring Americans and we treat them better. Embrace your own Beyonce’s and Jay z’s. Carry on appreciating Namibian music, carry on.
If you were lost at sea for 8 weeks as Nicholas with the old crew, Karabo Moroka, Archie Moroka and Busisiwe Dlhomo, who would you eat and who would you plot with?
Lol! I would plot with the two ladies to eat the gentleman. Only danger is they might plot to kill me, but I might find love through this. Lol!
How do you like theatre?
I am trained at Royal Shakespeare company, for three years. I auditioned and I won. There were professionals who were auditioning as well. The guy that was supposed to go, was killed in Johannesburg with his partner and I got the opportunity to go.
What were your challenges?
This is a slow growing market. I went from audition to audition. I enrolled at the University of Cape Town (UCT) after high school, but I had no funds and I had to drop out. I used to squat at friends, and that’s where you test friendships. You will realise that not everybody care about you.
How do you like being Nicholas, and some of us have never been able to grasp if he is gay or not?
The character is great. It opened up a lot of doors. He is diverse and the total opposite of me. He is living the life, that guy. No, he is not gay
When he started out, he would do anything and when he even promised to sleep with Jason I don’t think he would have done it. He is always going to be conniving.
How many siblings do you have?
Father’s side 5 and mother’s side 2.
How was your first sexual experience?
It was great man. The first time I kissed a girl was great.
Do people who cheat in relationships belong behind bars?
Circumstances, we don’t really know what leads people to cheat. That’s too drastic.
What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
I once ordered a meal and the menu was in French and it was raw mince and raw egg. I was hungry, I had to eat.
How do you like Namibia so far?
So far so good. People here are humble. In South Africa, someone just come and grabs you. You guys just approach me and greet me. You guys are humble.