Theology through technology


The potential of technology usage is evolving all the time and modern religion in Namibia is growing right along with it.

Most of the modern churches have found new and inventive ways to keep in touch with congregations and the communities; reach out to new members; and help spread their message through the internet while long-established churches have been extremely slow to take on the new technologies.

One of the churches in Namibia that is not yet maximising technology or providing the online information is Evangeliese Sending Kerk in Khomasdal (ESK).

Desiree Van Wyk, who is a church elder at ESK says technology usage is an advantage for spreading the word of God. "Using the piano and other machines in church is the only way we can keep the youth as they are active people and like to be at dynamic places. 

“Unfortunately, we have just been badly informed about it and we will definitely look forward to using it to the fullest in future. Technology has its pros and cons. When using technology, especially the internet, one should be careful since the devil also spreads his messages through it,” she said.

However, Father Teddy Lennon of Lutheran Catholic Church believes that the House of God is a peaceful place and if too many equipment is used, it only brings a lot of noise and disturbance to some members of the congregation. 

"The house of God is a holy place and we should respect it and those attending with us,” he said.

Hence, Father Lennon further said that technology should only be used to some extent like cell phones and computers only. 

“Too much of anything is dangerous so if we use too much technology, it would reflect on us negatively. In the beginning, the Word of God was not preached through technology and many came to the House of God. It could also be the same today,” he adds.

Elder Selma Ipinge from His People Ministry appreciates technology and strongly thinks that we should embrace it. 

"Think about it as a gift, privilege and a potential from God. True, humans are creative perverts of their own sinful desires, but this does not denigrate the potential of the technology. We only have to re-emphasise the need for redemptive usage of that technology. 

“I mean, this is the .com generation and if we kept technology away from church, it would be like chasing the youth away. Theology and technology should work hand in hand. It is the easiest and quicker way to reach out to the whole nation of Namibia in hours,” she said.

Similarly, Senior Pastor Setson Ndahangwapo at The Potter’s House Christian fellowship Church agrees that technology is the gift from God.

"The Method of preaching might have changed but the word is still the same. Technology is moving faster and we should run along within. It is not a sin to use technology but it becomes a sin when we start using it for fleshy desires rather than spiritually," he said.