New Region for Ondonga gets king\'s blessing


The Ondonga Tradional Authority, led by King Immanuel Kauluma Elifas today resolved to fully support the establishment of a new region, which will be named in honour of Peter Nanyemba.

Thus, the proposed name for the region will be 'Peter Nanyemba Region and will be bordering Oshana on the west, Oshikoto on the east and Ohangwena in the north and the Etosha National Park in the south.

This proposal is contained in a submission made to the Delimitation Commission, which is currently conducting countrywide consultation in a bid to re-demarcate certain regions, for effective regional governance, provision of better centralised services and equal distribution of national resources.

Nanyemba is considered as a famous, brave, inspirational and visionary liberation hero and the authority saw it fit to name the region after him.

It is proposed that the new region consist of nine constituencies, of which the total population is estimated to be 176 000 to date.

The main reason cited for the proposal according to King Kauluma, who signed off the submission, was that some residents who live on the peripheries of the Oshana, Ohangwena and Oshikoto are not fully benefiting from the services at their respective constituencies and regional offices.

The lack of adequate Government amenities, skewed allocation of resources and funding for developmental needs, were some of the other major factors cited as affecting the people.

“The problem of people not benefiting adequately from the resources and other government services will only be resolved with the establishment of a new region. The region will cover affected constituencies and put some of those constituencies  at its centre. The principal aim of the new region is to bring the government services closer to the people,” the submission by the King reads. 

The King, in his motivation and support from his followers, also touched on what benefits will be in the offing for the people after the formation of the new region.

He said Government services will be brought closer, redress unequal distribution of resources, further develop the current ailing infrastructure of Ondangwa town and enhance accessibility to the regional office. Others include accelerate rural development initiatives and job creation.

The King states in his conclusion that the submission to the commission is preceded by broad consultation... 'has taken into consideration using the existing government infrastructures on the formation of new constituencies in order to avoid wastefulness.'

“The chief aim of the submission is to bring quality services to the people and enhance equal distribution of resources in view of nurturing an egalitarian society,” he stated.