Rectifying Political Set up in Namibia

We must never allow private corporations to dictate public policy discussion and influence political decision making. We must never allow for a corporate take-over for the Republic of Namibia. Whether you are working for Main Street or Wall Street, whether you work for the financier or defending the people, we must make it clear and note that, Economics is secondary to politics and it is a sub-structure of politics and that is why a social contract exist in a society.
Of course innovation and creativity must be rewarded for those hard working. If you want to get rich, go about it the right way and deserve what you earn.
But social welfare must take center stage, former Prime Minister Nahas Angula we have failed as a social democratic party, we need to revisit our priorities and look at the 1989 manifesto, to seek guidance and give our people a better life we promised them and not this massive chronic consumption that is dubious and becoming a disease.
This disease of tenderpreneurship and today a J-walker and tomorrow a millionaire must be condemned by black people in Namibia in general. Please build sustainable businesses that can create wealth and long term jobs so that the ripple effect can stay in the republic.
The owners are using this money to buy mansions and luxurious cars and leave exquisite lifestyles while you have fellow Namibians on the street, who are turning into criminals not because of choice, but circumstances.
They come and steal from you, attack and kill your loved ones all simply because they are hungry.
President Hifikepunye Pohamba warned last year on Aljazeera that if things don’t change, a revolution will come and all forms of means of production especially land will be taken and thus this will bring chaos.
State failure, which has affected Somalia and many African countries, will affect us if we are not careful to mitigate this situation rather than fight it when its too late.
This doesn’t only require the state to act, it requires all of us, especially this negative media, weak civil societies and opposition parties to contribute tentatively not just criticism towards the government.
I also ask that all state machinery and institutions be used to support upcoming business people and that state resources benefit all.
Let us all unite for this as a nation. That is my message to this nation. -Nelson Mandela once said and I quote: “It always seems impossible until it’s done”