How many youth has Governor Swartbooi empowered?

Governor of Karas Region, Comrade Clinton Swartbooi, was quoted saying “he does not see any well-meaning future leader from the current youth ranks”.
He is also said to be branding the current Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) leadership misguided, rude, super arrogant, don’t respect anyone and they have a misguided application and understanding of politics.
And a completely exaggerated sense of self-importance” and questioning our intellectual capacities.
I am not sure whether this was said by him, or your paper could vouch for that.
It also seems so because in the subsequent days, Comrade Swartbooi did not come to refute what was attributed to him. I wish to write in my capacity as a national leader of SPYL, an organization which I have served from Section, Branch, District, and Regional to the present.
With this authority of knowledge and experience, I know for a fact that SPYL is a constitutional body founded by nationalistic young men and women who were militant, fearless at all material times day and night. In yesteryears they advocated for political independence and after independence, they are advocating for real economic independence. At the Swapo Party Congresses the constitution does not ask for qualification but leadership qualities.
Comrade Swartbooi can correct me, which section, branch, district or region leadership position he served before being hand-picked by Dr Elijah Ngurare to the national leadership, from nowhere?
If SPYL was misguided, arrogant and with a questionable intellectual capacities as he claims, how come he became what he is through SPYL or is it because the comrade is now full and forgets the values of the organization? To hide under Nanso is not enough because we know that Ndumbu was there too but where is he today?
I am looking forward for further engagement at the SPYL organs but I wanted to caution that cadres must not behave in this manner as if dancing on a shoestring of political intoxication.
Let us not be ‘Ookakola kekyulyes’ of convenience. As a governor he must be an advocate of hope, courage and unity.
He must be on the forefront of the war on real economic freedom that SPYL and Swapo Party is fighting for, in his region and in Namibia at large.
By the way, how many young SPYL cadres did the honourable governor empower in Berseba?.
Some of us in SPYL have never been appointed in government, don’t have Prados or fat salaries but we remain committed to Swapo and SPYL unlike some who think that positions in Swapo mean good paying jobs in government.
We think and feel for those comrades who have never been employed before; even currently in our national executive committee we have comrades who are more educated than Swartbooi like Cde. Job Amupanda, who is unemployed, but they are committed and have not run around or thrown tribal tantrums to be appointed.

Nashinge based his views on an article carried in the The Villager of 11 March 2013 - Editor