Females in the clubs

Disclaimer: I am not snitching on my fellow females, I’m just saying...
Often guys would ask, “what’s this girls business in this club/shebeens? Well my friends, unlike you guy who go only for two reasons, booze or babes, girls go out with a much more serious mission regardless of how drunk she appears.
First you need to label the kinds of women that like to play when the municipal lights come on and the clubs’ lights start to flicker.
You have those that do it for the booze, let’s call them the ‘43% vol’ veterans, then you have those that go with the intention of being picked up, let’s call those the ‘bootycallians’.
Than there are those that go for the love of the dance and music, let’s call them the ‘music freaks’, those that go so they can tell stories of what they see, let’s call them the ‘ghetto paparazzi’.
The ghetto paparazzi’s are the trouble makers that keep an eye on all the guys that have girlfriends so they can gossip about it on tweeter and facebook the next day.
They are the type you want to avoid. They are usually those that are sober and don’t really bother to dress up for the event. The music freaks are harmless. The only danger you are in with them around is getting trembled when their favourite song comes on, now the girls you want to avoid are the bootycallians.
They have a triple agenda with a bonus, either to have a baby by you, to cause trouble in your relationship, get your wallet or give you a good old fashioned STD.
Now at this point, you are probably wondering how you would benefit from this. The point is, the old fashioned STD host is a dangerous character.
She will cut your life cord incredibly fast. Yes! these are women that go out with the intention of spreading something nasty especially if you are foolish enough to leave the club/shebeen with someone when you came alone.