Agronomic Board to up performance

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) signed an agreement that will monitor the performance of board members serving on the Agronomic Board of Namibia.
This is in line with the State Owned Enterprises Governance (SOE) Act, which allows for the signing of governance and performance agreements, meant to communicate the board members’ performance to the Minister.
Commenting on the signing of the agreements by all members of the board, MAWF Minister John Mutorwa, said this represents a step forward in the collaboration between the Ministry and the board members for the development of the agriculture sector.
“I see the signing of the governance and performance agreement as a manifestation of our good relationship with the common goal of striving towards the targets set in NDP4 and ultimately attaining the Nation s Vision 2030,” he says.
The agreement is compiled by the board members, thus include annexes which supports both the Business and Strategic Plans.
The performance agreement inclusive the annexure are to be used as the basis for assessing the suitability of the board member’s continued appointment and to assess whether that member has met the performance expectations applicable to their duties and responsibilities.
 As pointed out by Mutorwa, the board’s strategic plan form an integral part of the governance agreement; and is to be reviewed annually by the board to insert adequate changes.
He then referred to the earlier NDP4 stakeholder meeting held in Walvis Bay and its outcome.
“As part of the outcome of the consultations there are tasks assigned to all stakeholders of the agricultural sector and hence you need to ensure that these tasks are incorporated into your strategic plan. By implication it means that the board’s business will be closely assigned to Sectoral Plan as approved by Government.” He states.
The  State Owned Enterprise Governance Act No 2 of 2006, Section 18, requires the portfolio minister to enter into a performance agreement with each member of the board, with due regard to any directives laid down by the SOE’s Governance Council.
Furthermore, in Section 17 of the SOE Governance Act No 2 of 2006,  is designed to regulate the relationship between the minister, on the one hand and the members of the board on the other; it sets out the role and responsibilities of the Minister and those of the SOE Board, clearly indicating the corresponding performance expectations and objectives.