Fashion hurricane at NAMAs

As the date for the MTC Namibia Annual Music Awards closes in, things are getting more kinky and weird. Everything has gone haywire even though the event is still about 2 weeks away, I already know what the kamborotos who like being on the scene will be wearing so I will be keeping an eye on the NAMAs fashion no no’s.
 I have no interest in the awards, and who gets what because it’s almost transparent, I will be keeping an eye on those that like to stand out with their daring, outfits that show no fashion sense but fashion nonsense.
 I will be the terrorist that will be throwing bombs at all these big ladies that have no idea what it means to dress for your figure, and God forbid if I see anyone in fishnet stockings, or green glitters. I can basically say that I know who will get what because it’s a thing of old vs new, what I am looking forward to is the dress code.
There are so many people who already planning what they will be wearing, the dress codes matter more than the awards, you can walk away with no award but if you do it in style you still feel good. Thank God last year’s Song of The Year winner will not be taking part so that’s a relieve on my side, the girl has no sense of fashion what so ever, lately she was spotted at the nominations with a gel bun, and an attached ponytail, a black dress with elastic ruffling on the side and black lips from lip lining.
 Jeez, who styles these artists? First of all, unless you are a Nigerian porn star please, eyeliner should never go near your lips, there is lip gloss for that, and elastic ruffling on the side? Are you an independence avenue hooker? Those hookers got better class, and please I will only say this once, if you are not an Oviritje backup dancer then you have no excuse using thick gel and pining a ponytail that does not match your hair.