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Army hubby addicted to kids- wife

Mon, 8 April 2013 03:14
by Chris-Paul

a  Grootfontein soldier Stephanus Ndeshimona (42) has neglected his family for a 17 year old school child, his wife says.
Elisabeth Ndeshimona’s needs have not been satisfied for a long time as her husband  has literally forgotten why he married her, all because of his friends who have influenced him to getting school girls.
She says Stephanus and his platoon take school girls to a bar called Asser Bar in Grootfontein buy them liquor before enjoying the ‘returns’.
“My husband and I have been having this problem for quite some time now and I’m tired of it all. He’s not alone, he’s driving around picking up girls with his friends,” she said.
According to Elisabeth, who has been married to Stephanus for 11 years and has borne him two children, things are harder now that she is based in Tsumeb due to work obligations.
“I’m hardly here (in Grootfontein) these days, but I get calls from my friends when they see him with a girl in his car and when I call him, he ignores my calls,” said Elisabeth.
Stephanus admitted to hanging out with school children with his friends but denied engaging in sex with them.
“Sometimes my friends who are a lot younger than me keep school girls around them and when people see me in the mix they think I’m part of the story. I’m married and do not do those things. I also know that most of the girls are over the age of 18 that my colleagues go out with,” he said.
Stephanus accused his wife of being paranoid because she doesn’t see him often enough now that she’s based in Tsumeb.
“She tries to get information from kids around and even from our own kids but they have just never seen me bring a woman or a girl here, its nonsense,” said the soldier.
But Elisabeth says she has evidence that a learner from Friedrich Awaseb Secondary School had to be sent to Windhoek because of her husband as the family of the girl feared for her education and future.
“We had several talks with the family of that girl and for some reasons she couldn’t stay away from him. The family has now sent her back to Windhoek because of him,” she said.
When quizzed about this particular scenario, Stephanus claimed it was all a misunderstanding.
“That whole thing was misunderstood, it wasn’t me she wanted it was my colleague, but as always my name came out first because I’m the oldest in our group,” he said.