Ya Toivo learner commits suicide

a grade 12 student from Andimba Toivo ya Toivo Secondary School in Oluno who was accused of stealing N$100 at school has committed suicide.
Andreas Pandu (17) hanged himself in his village of Ondeyaluka near Ondangwa last Thursday.
The reason for the suicide was not clear as the deceased did not leave any clues or a suicide note, but it would appear that he was in a depressed mood after school.
According to a distant relative, John Nangolo, Pandu suffered the indignity of being accused of stealing a pair trousers and N$ 100 by fellow learners at school that day.
It was not clear how the school dealt with the matter at the time of going to press, but the family has accused the school for his death.
“I don’t really know about his mood when he got home, but we know that the accusation at school sparked it all. We have no idea if he really took the trouser and the N$ 100, but I’m sure it had an effect,” said Nangolo.
According to Nangolo, Pandu got home from school in the night and went to the kitchen to eat his supper.
He said his family members found him in the early morning hours around 6 am hanging from tree with a rope around his neck.
“None one really saw much of what he was up to the previous night and he was only found the next morning. It appeared that he’d just been dead for died around 15 minutes at the time of being found because his body was warm,” he said.
Attempts to reach school authority proved futile as the school was closed for the Easter weekend.