Man accuses ex of poisoning

adrinking spree at a bar nearly caused the life of 36 year-old Samuel Samunzala in the Choto area of Katima Mulilo last week.
Samunzala told V-Metro last Wednesday that he suspected the Tafel lager he was given by his ex-girlfriend, Caroline Namasiku (30) was poisoned.
After drinking the beer, Samunzala said, he started sweating and shaking, “I felt different after drinking from the bottle and that’s how I ended up falling onto the floor before my friends rushed me to the hospital.”
While at the hospital, said Samunzala, health officials told him that he was poisoned and that’s how he got to finger out Namasiku.
“It only made sense that she was the only person who would want to harm me. Otherwise everyone was a true friend,” he said.
Samunzala further said that Namasiku, who dumped him after she heard he had impregnated another girl, has been trying to make his life miserable.
“It’s clear she doesn’t want to see me happy in my new relationship since we broke up last year August. She’d tell my girlfriend lies about me wanting her back,” said Samunzala said.
He also claimed that Namasiku has had less luck with men after the break up.
Reached via telephone by V-Metro, Namasiku denied the poisoning allegations and that she is not lucky regarding relationships.
“If he really thinks I poisoned him, he should go to the police, not newspapers. We all drank from the same bottle. How come we are fine? I ended the relationship and I see him as a friend now,” said Namasiku adding that she’s friends with Samunzala’s current girlfriend.
Asked why he has not reported her to the police for attempted murder, Samunzala argued that it would be too hard to prove.
“This is Katima Mulilo. It’s not what you know but what you can prove. It will be hard to prove and I didn’t see other people drinking from the same bottle,” he said.