Bank Windhoek support community project with N$196 500 donation

Bank Windhoek has announced its support to the Beautiful Kids – Anusa Project with a donation of N$196 500.
Anusa is a school uniform sewing project under Beautiful Kids aimed at training and providing employment to women.
The funds will be used to purchase stock, training of staff, purchasing of equipment and paying security services at its newly opened School Wear Shop in Katutura.
Anusa was started in October 2011 and produces and sells school wear to various schools in Katutura.
The uniforms are stocked and sold at its School Wear Shop which was opened on 22 November 2012.
Anusa has designed many uniforms, including a uniform for the Fidel Castro Primary School in Katutura and sold 150 uniforms in February and March 2012.
It has also sold 270 girls’ school uniforms this year alone.
Anusa now plans to start producing school track suits for the winter season.
Bank Windhoek also handed over 100 Bank Windhoek Brilliant Boards for the Beautiful Kids After-School Tutoring Centre and Kindergarten.
Anusa is an initiative of the community project, Beautiful Kids, through which Beautiful Kids want to attain self-sustainability and create employment for unemployed women.
“The women at Anusa and Beautiful Kids are thankful for the huge grant from Bank Windhoek.
This grant will give us the opportunity to grow our project and create more job opportunities for unemployed women and produce affordable school uniforms for children whose parents are unable to afford the uniforms sold at larger retailers,” said Jennieke Bolier, Project Manager of Anusa.
“Bank Windhoek is proud of Anusa and its achievements. We believe that this new injection will make it possible for Anusa to buy more equipment to produce more school uniforms and other clothing which they can sell and use the profits to pay the salaries of the women, the running costs of the project and to become self-sustainable in the long run,” said Elzita Beukes, Communication Practitioner: Stakeholder Engagement at    Bank Windhoek.