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SSC reaches agreement with Napwu

Thu, 28 March 2013 22:45
by Michael Uugwanga
News Flash

The Social Security Commission employees’ week-long nationwide strike has ended today.
SSC management says they have agreed to pay the long serving workers’ service payments amounting to N$1 586 000.
The strike that started on Tuesday, 19 March, significantly slowed down the provision of social security service to its clients and members said SSC acting Executive Officer David Keendjele.
Keendjele announced this during a media briefing after SSC and Namibia Public Worker’s Union (Napwu) who was representing the workers signed a memorandum of understanding on yesterday.
The agreement was signed at SSC headquarters in Khomasdal, Windhoek.
The workers were demanding more money for their long services as promised.
Keednjele said not all staff members who qualify for the payments will be paid at the same time.
“It only applied for staff that qualified for payment from 2008 until December 2012 and will be paid on or before 15 April this year.
“Staff members who qualify for long service awards in 2013 will only be paid in December 2013.
The payment will be done according to his/her  time frame an employee has  worked for the company, those who worked for five years will get N$3 000, those of 10 years is N$5 000, for 15 years is N$6 000 and for 20 years qualified for N$7 000.
Keendjele also said all SSC offices are open for normal business and that its members will be served accordingly.