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O&L donates Vigo drinks to NamPol

Tue, 26 March 2013 21:12
by Villager online Writer
News Flash

Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) is once again at the forefront of supporting road safety over the forthcoming Easter weekend.  
Patricia Hoeksema, Group Corporate Relations Manager at O&L advised that NBL pro-actively promotes responsible drinking which includes a strong stand against drinking and driving.  
“We are part of a bigger group and in partnership with our strategic partners, MVA Fund Namibia and First National Bank (FNB) and other corporates, have adopted various road blocks as part of the Xupifa Eemwenyo road safety campaign, so as to create top-of-mind awareness of road safety.  
“This includes the provision of Vigo soft drinks to NamPol officials on duty during the Easter weekend, as high visibility policing and law enforcement are integral in encouraging compliance by road users.”
Hoeksema added that NBL wishes all Namibians a great Easter weekend with moderate consumption of their favourite beer.  
“We, however, also urge our fellow Namibians to keep on thinking ahead i.e. if you wish to enjoy a few drinks ensure you have a designated driver or that a taxi is on stand-by. Furthermore, think ahead about the possible consequences of drinking and driving.  People tend to believe they are capable of driving equally well while under the influence of alcohol – yet there is overwhelming evidence that judgment and coordination are impaired even when slightly intoxicated, and this may just result in you taking a life.  Our Think Ahead campaign message is a very simple message and although it is aimed at addressing drink-driving, thinking ahead is a fundamental principal in preventing any unwanted consequences.”

From left to right:  NBL continues to support the Xupifa Eemwenyo Road Safety Campaign – Elipas Rukambe, Manager: Public Education of MVA Fund Namibia;  Deputy Commissioner Ralph Ludwig, Namibian Police Traffic Law-Enforcement; Stephen Tjiuoro, Chief Corporate Affairs of MVA Fund Namibia; and Wessie van der Westhuizen, Managing Director of Namibia Breweries Limited.