Best company to work for survey

Deloitte will launch ‘Best Company to Work For’ survey tomorrow in Windhoek.
The survey aims to identify and celebrate the best companies to work for across Namibia and southern Africa as rated by their employees.
The survey that was launched in Namibia 2011 has attracted great interest from companies who want to ascertain how their employees viewed their performance on a variety of criteria.
Whilst traditional factors such as remuneration and work-life balance remain important, recent data shows a definite shift in what the employees really value as believed by Deloitte.
Hence factors such as confidence in the organisation, operational effectiveness and job satisfaction are coming to the fore as important indicators of employee motivation and commitment.
 Ramsay Mc Donald, Partner at Deloitte notes that the result of the survey will assist participating companies in identifying what they need to do differently to create a more positive climate and work environment.
 “Understanding this shift is imperative as misaligned initiatives aimed at improving or enhancing employee satisfaction may not yield the anticipated outcomes. “Furthermore, it would highlight the importance of long term strategies that are flexible, agile and focused around responding to key employee needs.”
 The survey  will cover both the employer (all executives, including CEOs) as well as employees (randomly selected across the entire organisation) and their responses will be captured according to dimensions such as sense of confidence in the organisation, organisational ethics and integrity, overall job satisfaction, career development, work-life balance, performance and recognition, operational effectiveness and relationship with manager/ supervisor.
Those dimensions will then serve as basis to optimise the company’s overall employment experience, therefore enhance its performance and status as a recognised employer of choice as pointed out by Mc Donald.
Previous recipients of this award are Ohlthaver&List Group of Companies and the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA).
McDonald further states that future sustainability will be dependent on a motivated, productive and engaged workforce.
Talent and employee satisfaction strategies therefore remain highly relevant and key to any organisation wishing to stay competitive and attractive to top talent in the future.