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Man bleeds after sex with prostitute

Mon, 18 March 2013 03:58
by Chris Paul

a sexual encounter with a prostitute turned out to be a nightmare when a Windhoek man started bleeding from the penis right after sex.
V-Metro was summoned by a hooker named Prisca Mbewe* to witness a situation in which a Namibian man was threatening to kill himself.
The man, who identified himself as Israel Nuule (27) said he had been bewitched by the hooker when he started bleeding immediately after sex.
In the presence of V-Metro, Mbewe and a neighbour, Nuule recounted how he had hooked up with the girl around 03h00 on Saturday at the old Chez Ntemba.
“I asked if we could do it at the toilets somewhere near Chez Ntemba, but she insisted that we should go over to her place as it was more comfortable there,” Nuule, who appeared tipsy, said amidst tears.
He said the two took a taxi to Mbewe’s pad in Windhoek North, stopping at a service station to buy condoms.
“I bought enough condoms because I was planning to stay a bit longer at her place,” he said.
Nuule added that when they arrived at Mbewe’s pad, he realised that the money in his pocket was not enough for paying her N$200 asking price per round.
“I only had a N$150 in my pocket and she wanted more. I tried to convince her but she was adamant that I should top it up,” he said.
After some remonstrations, Mbewe gave in and she was paid the N$150 that round.
After the first round, Nuule wanted another round but his pocket could not allow him.
“We went to an ATM at Rhino Park and I withdrew a N$200. It was a one hundred note and two fifties,” Nuule explained adding that before the sex, he gave Mbewe N$150, which she accepted with very little revulsion.
“I explained that I needed taxi money going home and I gave her the money. Immediately after sex, I started to bleed from my manhood,” he said. “I think it was because of her ancestors punishing me because I failed to pay her in full. This is witchcraft my brother. I have never had such a problem,” said Nuule.
But Mbewe denied any of this saying Nuule had some sort of a sexual transmitted disease.  
“You are sick. I think you have an STD. You need to go and see a doctor. What kind of witchcraft would make you bleed after sex,” she yelled at him, shoving Nuule out of the gate. “Go hang yourself elsewhere. You coward. You want to kill yourself in our house. You are a very sick man. Don’t ever come back here,” shouted Mbewe.
After Nuule had left, Mbewe confirmed the bleeding and also revealed that Nuule had made an offer to have sex with her without a condom, which she refused.