Polytechnic opens Career Fair

The Polytechnic of Namibia’s 18th Career Fair starts tomorrow at the campus’ Engineering Basement.
The two day event which involves numerous companies welcoming students into discovering and researching what the employers seek from the job seekers as well as what the job market has to offer and network with prospective employers.
The event is expected to draw Government and its agencies, Non-governmental Organisation as well as the Private sector.
The main Career Fair presentation will focus on ‘Career Mapping’ in line with the theme of this year, “Building Sustainable Futures”.
“Career Mapping is like GPS in a car, it shows you all the possible routes to being the best in your chosen vocation,” said Polytechnic Job Placement Officer Michael Kisting.
Some of the objectives of the career fair are of providing guidance regarding to “Career Mapping” to current and prospective students as well as forge liaisons and closer relationships with public and private sector.
Added Dean of students Frieda Shimbuli, “We want our current and prospective students to know how to be masters in their fields and how to remain on top of their game.