Why i cry - Ees

Real Name: Eric Sell
Stage Name: EES
Age: 29
Occupation: Artist
Marital Status: in a relationship

Tell us how you got the Name EES?
EES is just the abbreviation for “Easy Eric Sell”, a name I was given by my friends in school since I was a very laid back, easy going guy!
Do you know that people call you the Eminem of Namibia?
Yes, I know about that! Ha-ha but let’s think about it – I AM NOT like Eminem at all rather the exact opposite in my lifestyle (no drugs or alcohol, positive motivational songs, non aggressive, no beef, bla-bla) – the only thing we might have in common is that I am doing a predominantly black music genre!
So please guys – think about it – before you say that the next time – ha-ha-ha – but I don’t care!
What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?
Og these questions – I really don’t remember embarrassing moments – in my life. I try to remember the good moments and forget the awkward moments! I am sorry I cannot tell you – because I don’t remember!
Do you have fetishes?
YES! I think everybody does! I have a fetish for ladies well formed breast and thighs!
Do you believe in God?
Yes! Very much – and in the power of positive thinking!
What is your favourite car?
Ha-a-a good question – my Shaggon Waggon 1972 Model Volkswagen light blue kombi! Please think I am crazy – but I love my car – even though it takes me six hours to drive to Swakopmund! I don’t want a fancy new car!
Do you keep secrets?
No, not really. I am not a good secret keeper! One can see if I have a secret written all over my face and I could not stand not telling! Especially my girlfriend!
How old where you when you had your first crush?
I was seven years old – I think! It’s been a while back – don’t have the exact date!
What is your favourite word?
YES-JA! It’s very positive – and outgoing – it just represents me very well – if Obama has his “Yes We Can” – I have my “YES-JA!” which is more African.
If we open your fridge what would we find?
Lots of WUMA – it’s just my favourite drink! I even take it on my overseas trips – as much as I can! Others that I love are Melktert, Oshikandela and lots of milk! I love milk!
What do you think really happens to a person or their soul after they die?
I don’t care! I like to focus more on NOW – not on THEN!
We will all see when we get there!
Do you watch cartoons? What’s your favourite?
No, I do not watch a lot of TV – my parents made sure that we as kids did not watch too much TV – but rather play outside!
I am more of a movie guy – I would watch a movie each night if I can!
If you could be any other tribe in Namibia which would you be?
I am quite happy with what God made me! Would not want to be anybody else! But I would love to speak better Oshiwambo. My skills are fading the more I travel overseas promoting Namibian music!
Who are the sexiest women in the world?
Very difficult question – but all I can say is I have travelled the world – seen many places and here in Namibia – eish we have some Beautiful women!! SERIOUSLY – every time I drive around town – I am like DAAAM did you just see that one to my dancers – wada-wada!
What is the name of your favourite Namibian artist who is not yourself?
I don’t have a favourite Namibian artist! We have so many great artists! Every artist has their special something – it’s not possible to mention just one!
What kind of punishment do you believe in for your children when they misbehave?
Many rules – that will make them think about what they did – and think twice about doing it again! A little beating some times – is not wrong if you ask me – but it should always be the last result when raising children.
If you had super powers, which would they be?
Heal sick people, fly very fast and read people’s minds!
Have you heard about the girl Ghost in Windhoek?
What was your first sex experience like?
Magical and exciting with the woman I love with all my heart!
Who is the most influential person in your life?
I think my dad! We talk about everything – and he always inspires me with many things in my life! I have adopted many character traits of him!
What is your favourite holiday spot?
Anywhere with a lekker beach and some palm trees! Og now you make me want to just go on holiday with this question!
What is the worst article that has ever been written about you?
Mmmhmm, I have not really read any bad articles about me – just a little thing in The Villager of some journalist saying that I should stop my Kasi style of kwaito videos – I am kammastag overdoing it – ha-ha-ha! But everybody may have their personal opinion! So no hate!
Do you have a pet? Tell us about him or her?
I do not have a pet and to be honest I would not want to have one right now – am traveling a bit too much – and I don’t believe in having a pet if you cannot give it a lot of attention!
What is your favourite day to go out?
Definitely friday – coz it just feels good – coz you know the week is over! Ha-ha
Do you have any kind of phobias?
Oh yes – too many! Am working hard to get rid of them!
Small spaces, snakes and just being afraid too much! It sucks – and if you ask me it’s a mental thing – so let’s get rid of all these little obstacles to make life even better that it already is!
When was the last time you cried or wanted to cry?
End of last year some time! Whenever I see my girlfriend cry – I also cry – ha-ha I don’t know why!
Would you prefer to be a cat, dog, a camel, a lizard or a bird?
Og – I don’t want to be any of them! I just want to be me!
But if I had no choice – I guess a bird – the view from the sky would be great!
Who in the world would you take a bullet for?
My father, mother, brother & girlfriend!
What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?
I don’t like doing dangerous things! So I cannot remember!
Ha-ha maybe driving around deep Soweto with a bicycle at night! Ha-ha that was pretty freaky!
If your house was on fire and your family was assured to be OK, what would you run back in for?
My computer with all my videos and new songs on! Ha-ha even though I have backup! Am a very online person – it’s the future in my industry!
What sport are you really good?
Tennis and swimming! ...or is chilling also a sport? Ha-ha I am pretty good at that too!
What would you do today if you woke up with no fears?
Parachute jumping