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Cop vows to kill kamboroto

Mon, 11 March 2013 04:27
by Chris Paul

a cuckolded  Ondobe police sergeant, Erastus Nghimutina (38) has been threatening to kill his kambororo, Claudia Abisai (21) after she dumped him at Oyilagati village near Ondangwa, Claudia’s family said last week.
According to Claudia’s elder brother, Victor Petrus, Nghimutina has been seeing Claudia since she was 16 and has two kids with her despite being married to another woman.
He said the policeman, who lives about 200 meters away from their house in the village, took advantage of Claudia in 2009 when she was home alone as her mother and brother were in Usakos.
“She was vulnerable at the time and  he used to come by the house to give her money and food,” he said.
He said the policeman made the teenager feel indebted to him and then could not reject his sexual advances.
“He made her feel she owe him so much that’s how he started sleeping with her, every teenager would fall in the trap, especially at the village,” said Petrus.
Claudia confirmed that she started sleeping with Nghimutina at the age of sixteen because he made her feel obliged to do so.  
“My mother used to talk to me through his cellular phone, he’d come to the house just to make me talk to my mom who was in Usakos. I was sixteen the first time we had relations, he led me into it and after everything he was doing for me, it was difficult not to give him what he wanted,” said Claudia.
Quizzed why she continue to have relations with Nghimutina knowing he was married to her godmother with children, Claudia claimed she was too young to think rationally.
“I was too young to really realize how wrong I was, plus he assured me that it wasn’t a big problem and he was basically taking care of me,” she said.
 Claudia said she fell pregnant by Nghimutina, who had also paid her exam fees of  N$ 281,  the following year and felt obliged to be in some sort of a relationship with the policeman.
“When I fell pregnant it was even more harder to break away from him. He helped with the baby and I started to think he really loved me,” she said.
She said she continue to see the policeman for the years that followed until the beginning of  this year, in the process yielding a second  baby from him.
Claudia, now 21 years of age, has been trying to end the relationship with Nghimutina from the begging of this year, much to the dismay of the sergeant.
“Why now? Why does she want to stop the relationship now after all this years? We have two kids together and she can’t just end it like that,” said Nghimutina.
Nghimutina, according to Claudia, has been threatening to kill her if she ever leaves him, it got so bad last week that the matter was taken to the police.
“He has been threatening to kill me and now he is demanding that I pay him N$16 088 for a tire damage that happened when he was trying to teach me how to drive a couple of years ago,” she said.
Petrus however said the visit to the police in Ohangwena did not yield much because the police were Nghimutina’s friends, they simply send them back to resolve the matter at home.
Nghimutina confirmed the story, but maintained that he felt that Claudia owed him a lot.
“She lost my expensive cell phone I gave her and bumped my tire. I just want her to pay me back everything that I gave her,” he said.
His excuses for having sex with a minor were that he did not know her real age and she used witchcraft  on him.
“She looked older because she had a big body. She bewitched me into falling head over heels in love with her. I’m angry that the story is gone to the newspapers and I know it is her brother who took it there. I’m going to do something to them, they must just wait and see,” said Nghimutina.