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Nigerian preacher steals chickens

Mon, 11 March 2013 04:27
by Chris Paul

aNigerian preacher, John Ngo (36), was caught at Mururani Post trying to smuggle 50 chickens from Nkurenkuru to Windhoek via Rundu to Windhoek.
Thirty of the chickens that were being transported without a valid permit had been stolen.  
“He produced a letter supposedly written by a headman from somewhere near Nkurenkuru, but the numbers of the chickens he was carrying contradicted the number stated in the letter.
“The letter was written in broken English and it said he was to travel with 20 chickens,” according to a police source.
He said the letter also stated that the transportation was supposed to be from a village near Nkurenkuru to Rundu.
 “The first thing he did when he arrived at Mururani was to offer veterinary officers some cool drinks in an attempt to sway their attention from inspecting his documents but they took the drinks and still did their job well,” the source said.
Furthermore, the source said the preacher told them that he had been attending a church convention in Rundu and bought the chickens while visiting villages in Kavango Region.
“His story was just too shaky and we were all not convinced. He claimed that he was not aware that he needed a permit to transport the chickens. He was asked to go back and get his documents in order, but he refused,” the source also said.
A call made to Nkurenkuru revealed that the chicken cages were opened in that area.
The preacher, who was traveling in a Venture with two other friends were escorted back to Rundu by members of NamPol.
When reached for comment while at the police station in Rundu, Ngo stated that he bought chickens from a villager and the rest were given to him for free by Samaritans.
“I bought these chickens from those people and I don’t know if some of the chickens were stolen. I’m at the police station waiting for them to come and identify their chickens. I’m a man of God. I would never steal from these people,” said Ngo. “It’s just a small issue and it will be sorted out. It has nothing to do with my church and the money I paid, trust me there is no dishonesty.”