Ministries failed to use N$1.8b in development funds last year

WINDHOEK) – The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) is among 14 ministries and departments which returned more than N$1.8b to treasury of un-used development funds.
The OPM spent only 10 per cent of its developmental budget in the 2012/2013 financial year.
It was announced at a national budget briefing workshop held here on Tuesday that only N.dollars 4,3 million of the N.dollars 40,9 million allocated to the OPM for developmental projects last year was utilised. 
The Prime Minister’s Office was allocated N.dollars 40,9 million to, amongst other things, expand Government’s Intranet system to the regions, as well as to expand the Oshana and Hardap Disaster Risk Management Warehouses.
The bulk of these funds have, however, been returned to the Treasury.
The OPM is nonetheless not an exception, as most ministries also under-utilised their developmental expenditure in the 2012/2013 financial year.
The only ministry which managed to spend nearly its entire allocated funds was the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development (MRLGHRD), which was allocated N.dollars 498,1 million and managed to spent about N.dollars 435,5 million on its capital projects.
The National Planning Commission (NPC)’s Chief National Development Advisor, Susan Lewis explained during the workshop that some of the reasons for the inadequate expenditure included poor planning, a lack of feasibility studies, poor budgeting, delays in the tendering processes and the late disbursement of funds.
Following is a list of the ministries and some departments with the amounts allocated to them for developmental expenditure, followed by their actual total expenditure in brackets:
Ministry of Lands and Resettlement - N.dollars 10,4 million (spent about N.dollars 6,68 million)
Ministry of Fisheries - N.dollars 53 million (about N.dollars 28 million)
Ministry of Home Affairs - N.dollars 49,9 million (about N.dollars 18 million)
Department of the Police: N.dollars 272,7 million (about N.dollars 205,8 millions)
Ministry of Health and Social Services: N.dollars 496 million (about N.dollars 219,4 million)
Ministry of Education: N.dollars 584 million (about N.dollars 414,7 million)
Ministry of Mines and Energy: N.dollars 100,5 million (about N.dollars 22,2 million)
Ministry of Regional and Local Government: N.dollars 498,1 million (N.dollars 435,5 million)
Ministry of Trade and Industry: N.dollars 462,4 million (about N.dollars 230,8 million)
Ministry of Environment and Tourism: N.dollars 151 million (about N.dollars 99 million)
Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry: N.dollar 1 billion (about N.dollars 451,9 million)
Department of Transport: N.dollars 1,2 billion (about N.dollars 758,1 million)
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology: N.dollars 80,4 million (about N.dollars 50 million)
National Assembly: N.dollars 5,9 million (N.dollars 2 million)