I shower 3 times a day: Chichi

Do you support the mini skirt ban?
I am more interested in the Amendment of the Births, Marriages and Deaths Registration Act of 1963.
How was your coming out about cancer?
I never had second thoughts about coming out with cancer. One has to weigh the pros and cons of going public. In my case, I had met so many different individuals from different backgrounds with a similar experience. They were comforted by somebody they usually see on television or hear on radio has been fighting the same battle. It also gave me the motivation to go public.
What are your motivational words?
I would dedicate “Hero” by Mariah Carey to those that are currently battling cancer or any other chronic illness. I urge them to continue fighting.
If you were a body part, which would you be?
The heart.
Exit, Fishman, Knowledge Katti, Tim Ekandjo - who fits the description of your ideal guy?
Knowledge Katti.
What’s the food you cannot live without?
A Cadbury Yoghurt snack.
What is the longest time you have gone without a shower?
I seriously love water. I drink lots of it and ideally I shower three times a day. I, in fact, prefer the bathtub. The longest I have gone without a shower would be 12 hours max.
If you could be a Minister, which position would you occupy?
I would be the Minister of Communication and Information Technology
What is it men do that you do not like?
Some men undermine women and their ability to lead and excel in positions that are usually male dominated.
Do you have a look alike you know about?
Lol, I have heard of such, but I am yet to meet my twin.
What is your favourite drink?
Oshikandela Mango
If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive?
You are not done yet; I am sending you back, lol
Do you like children in general?
Yes, I do. I look forward to making my parents grandparents.
If you had six kids, what would their names be?
Benedictus, Menesia, Pendukeni, Tim, Sushmita and Sam-Shafiishuna (Nujoma) Jnr.
Do fans get annoying sometimes?
No, annoying is rather a strong word. I would rather say that sometimes fans can be over ambitious.
What has your most embarrassing moment been?
Still remains the time I slipped as I was going off stage for a live TV show.
Have you ever been in a fight with a woman?
That is not how we were raised. I am a woman. I do not fight.
What did you hate about being a teen?
Mathematics homework.
Have you ever worn something outside the house then realised how bad you looked afterwards. What was it?
I have the privilege of seeing myself on television and I remember a specific show where I was wearing a rather shiny top. I didn’t think it looked as nice as I thought it would on television. Worst part is Namibia is usually watching.
Describe the worst date you have ever been on?
I think it has to be the date that did not actually take place due to the fact that I had earlier commitments. That was rather unfortunate.