BBA: The season of madness upon us

past experiences in the Big Brother House have proven that only the love child of Ru- weird, Lady May-entertaining, Meryl- outspoken, Kanibal-smart, Gal Level-double sexy threat, Hella-controversial, The Dogg-unexplainably loved by all and Slick The Dick can win Big Brother Africa for us.
Our biggest blunder was radio personality, Jossy Joss being sent home first in 2011 Big Brother Amplified.
Jossy Joss does not think that his strategy was wrong but that Africa simply didn’t want him there.
“I don’t think it’s a matter of going wrong. It’s a choice. What Africa wants and people decided that they wanted the other people. I would choose Webster he fits to be there,” he said.
Last year, familiar characters like Nguti Fruit were seen at the Hilton auditions in Windhoek.
Four months from now, the biggest games in Africa will start, as entries closed on Valentine’s Day. Contestants representing 13 countries will be competing for US$300 000 by getting naked, getting drunk, getting feisty and surviving the elimination nights.
By now we know that every country is represented by one famous person, and by the look of things, Namibia has played all its good cards with Lady May and Stefan Ludik being the only Namibians that have gone the farthest.
If it were up to Kanibal, Lady May would go back in the house “Lady May Again”. Chris-Paul would send Johnny Bravo to Big Brother Africa. Young Cashley would put all his cards on Che Ulenga if she had been a contestant for the games. Exit says he would send the K of the PDK to Big Brother if it were up to him “He is fun and always has something to say.” (lol).
Our most entertaining regulars have been Junia and Meryl. They were liked because of their naughty tendencies, outspoken characters and because they were girls.
We know that playing dumb, random and weird got Lady May far, and she did not even have to give up any booty.
This year’s theme is still not known but we can be ready for it, whether it requires us to send a celebrity couple, controversial characters, some one of the list, retired politicians or freak priests we are armed with all those.