Legacies of a Colonial Town

i walked into one of the National Art Gallery of Namibia’s galleries and my jaw dropped open and my first words were “Oh my god.”
Right there in the middle of the room is another room made from wood and are messages written everywhere on the chalkboard which makes the outside of this box.
 I immediately wrote my own “Beauty” then I took a quick tour around the little room reading all the messages.
This is the best thing I have seen in a long time that represents art and heritage. It’s new. It’s different. It interacts with you and it’s an intelligent piece of art.
There are pictures on the walls inside this room; pictures dating as back as 100 years ago.
Everything that means anything to Namibia is represented on this wall. The statues of Plan fighters at the Heroes Acre, a picture of Robert Mugabe Street, Hilton Hotel, Fanuel Kozonguizi at the United Nations, migrant workers at the dormitories at Katutura Ovambo Hostel in the 1980s.
People dancing at Cybil Bowker Hall in 1959 in the Old Location, Oshiwambo homesteads as they originally were in 1930s.
There is a lot of architecture which is the focus of this piece of work; architecture across the country that has been there before my generation and the generation before mine.
Depending on where you enter the room, your emotions might change quickly. Pictures of concentration camps and prisoners of war. There are pictures, paintings and drawings of everything that resembles us as Namibians. Hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room is this yellow page made from articles from different Namibian newspapers, telling our stories.
Just as I was walking out, I passed by this old woman walking in and I noticed her mouth open and eyes open wide in awe of the exhibitions.