Woman moves in with boyfriendÔÇÖs son

johannes Shikwambi (50) from Oshakati says he is gutted after discovering that his girlfriend, Regina Damases (28) has moved in with the man he suspected her of cheating on him with, his son, Erickson Shikwambi.
The discovery came as the couple was working on the breakdown in their relationship when it emerged that Regina was sleeping with Erickson.
This comes four weeks after the Metro reported that a fight broke out between father and son after sleeping clothes belonging to Regina were found in his son Erickson’s room.
This led to Shikwambi concluding that there was indeed an affair between his son and his girlfriend, after months of ignoring speculations in that regard.
After the confrontation in which a gun was drawn and shots fired, Erickson and Regina were forced to flee from home and seek refuge elsewhere.
The two have not come back ever since, and according to Johannes, his son whom he has not spoken to since the fight has since moved into a flat with Regina.
“I’m convinced that she really moved in with him because the person whom I asked to keep an eye on her confirmed it,” he said.
He added that the discovery came as a shock to him because the couple has been in talks to rekindle the flame of their love and move in back together.
“I heard it from her friend and I asked her about it but she denied it. She later confessed that she went by his flat because he has been helping her out financially. I was really shocked when I first heard it” said Johannes.
He admitted he is still in love with Regina and would like things to go back to normal. “I don’t know what to do now, I still love her. I want this whole thing to come to an end, now I can hardly focus on business now,” he said.
Both Regina and Erickson denied the story of moving in with each other, while confirming that they have been staying in touch.
“Something is wrong with my father and I don’t think he is normal at the moment. First it was about me sleeping with my stepmother (Regina), now I have moved in with her. Please do me a favor and tell him to stop thinking about me, I’m out of his life now. There are a lot of beautiful women in Oshakati, why would I go after my stepmother?” said Erickson.
Regina confirmed that she has been relying on Erickson and once again accused her friend, Amanda Shilumbu, who she first accused of fabricating rumors in order to steal her man, of starting the latest speculation.
“I don’t really have family here and before I got paid Erickson was helping me out with money. The latest story I’m sure was started by Amanda again, she can do anything to get that man. I know she won’t succeed, because she just wants him for his money,” said Regina.