Pregnant woman grabs boyfriendÔÇÖs balls, penis

a twenty-six year old pregnant Katutura woman Clara Kambazembi pulled her boyfriend Stanislaus Tjimuna’s penis during a public brawl  at a bar last week.
Stanislaus (29) spent four days recovering under close medical attention at the Central Hospital after being transferred from Katutura hospital as doctors analysed the extent of damage to ligaments on his penis.
The penis was pulled by the three month pregnant Clara outside BSK bar in Kamberipa Street, Herero Location, following an argument between Stanislaus and an unidentified man he accused of flirting with Clara.
Clara got incensed with the argument, stood up, and grabbed her boyfriend by the balls, rendering him powerless until she started swaying the penis, much to the delight of the crowd.
“This guy was flirting with my girlfriend the whole time and he even went to the point of asking her if he could buy her a drink. I asked what his problem was at the counter, and then he pushed me,” Stanislaus later said.
During the ensuing heated argument, Stanislaus had started shouting at his girlfriend for seemingly siding with the stranger.
“She kept reason with him and that is when I found out that the two know each other already, so the guy had a reason to flirt with her all along,” he said, adding, “I asked her questions about the guy that she could not answer. I just wanted to know why she was supporting him during our argument. That’s how we started fighting right there,” he said.
Wearing shorts and flip flops, it was easy for Clara to dive for his balls out of fury, he said.
“She held on to my private parts and I just felt powerless. I was screaming for mercy, one of my friends came to my rescue,” said Stanislaus.
When asked about the fight, Clara confirmed grabbing her boyfriend’s private parts, but insisted she did it in self defence.
“He called me a bitch, accusing me of sleeping with the other guy. I only pulled his balls after he slapped me. I regret that I hurt him because we live together and I’m caring for him now, but I was just defending myself,” Clara said.
The two seem to have peace with each other now that he is out of the hospital although he is worried about his ability to make babies in future.
“There is some problem with the muscles and I was scared when my mother first said I might not make another kid again. I was discharged yesterday (Thursday) and the doctor said I will be able to get it back to ‘work’ in two weeks time,” he joked.