I wish my boobs were smaller - Tequila

Real Name: Tekla Iita
Stage name: Tequila
Occupation: full time musician
Age: Ha! Nope… it’s not going to be that easy lol, plus a lady never reveals her age.
Marital status: Married

How much do you weigh right now?
I’m a proud 65kg from 88kg last year. I am still working on getting to 58kg by the end of March.
If you had six kids what would their names be?
My girl names are: Victoria, Nelao, Nancy (which is my mom’s name), Imogen, Ndapandula as well as Nouwa.
What do you not like about yourself/ or what body part can you live without?
 I love my chubby cheeks, my emotional eyes and my lips, what annoys me though is my big bust, really wish it was a bit smaller, it causes a lot of distractions and I got to choose my tops and dresses carefully mxim. I still don’t really like my feet that much but on most days they seem really cute to me lol, but all in all I wouldn’t want to get rid of anything, I’m awesome.
If you were a soft drink, which one would you be?
I really don’t like soft drinks; i would rather be a juice, like the berry blaze from minute maid.
Who is the sexiest man in Namibia excluding your hubby?
Aye Aye am not falling for that one, my man won’t think it’s funny, plus I don’t really notice no more.
Do you think rap music makes people violent?
Rap sort of is associated a lot with bad behaviour, insults, disrespect to woman and all, so I tend to not really be a fan of it, I wouldn’t want my child listening to that. People are different, I don’t change who I am easily, I tend to stand by my principles and upbringing, and rude rap could never change me.
Who would you say is your music rival in Namibia; it can be a male or female artist?
None, there’s only one Me, but you get a lot of talented artists out there that do it their way and its great.
What is your favourite curse word?
Hope my mom won’t read this lol ok when I’m angry I say F#C& it but in German.  It is not a good habit I know, am working on it, like I can say damns it instead
Can you swim?
Yes! I love swimming although I nearly drowned in the Atlantic Ocean twice and the Indian ocean once lol.
What posters did you have on your wall as a young girl?
Brandy, Bobby Brown, Celine Dion and Cher.
If I gave you an elephant to hide where would you hide it?
Behind a certain female artist’s bushy afro lol (bad kitty)
If I looked inside your refrigerator, what would I find?
Chocolates and fruits
Is there a dish you try to cook but cannot perfect it?
I’m a damn good cook! But yes… those damn buffalo wings! I tried to figure out how Spur does it and failed.
If you were a character from the South African soapy “Generations” which character would you be, can be a woman or man?
 Madam Ruby! I love her strength and love for music plus she can handle her own.
Tequila refused to answer questions regarding her husband or marriage because of a pack she has made with Mr.Simple.