I'm naturally a woman

Yul was born a man in a family of four children but now has decided to become a woman.

“I was afraid to tell my family. I was afraid that they would reject me. I didn’t want to embarrass them and my friends. When I finally decided to go for a sex change, I moved out. I was 25 then,” Yul Sidman, who has since started the process of becoming a woman says.

A local psychologist he met after a failed suicide attempt referred him to South Africa for an operation.

 Yul says he initially wanted to go to Hong Kong for the operation but settled on South Africa because of the costs involved.

"The psychologist referred me to a doctor in Groote Skuur, South Africa,” explains Yul whose breasts are visible as a result of breast enlargement hormones he is taking.

“I used to shave everyday now I only shave once a week. My shoulders were big but now they are becoming smaller and my breasts are growing now.” 

His face too is becoming softer because of the sex change hormones. So far, Yul has had his testicles removed and will be used to create a vagina. 

The foreskin is inverted as a flap to preserve blood and nerve supplies for a fully sensate vagina.

“I am going for my viginoplasty end of the year then I will be a complete woman,” Yul completed.

Currently, Yul feels more emotional and more vulnerable, “When I watch an emotional movie I will cry and the way I love is so different.” 

His boyfriend of three years, Yul says, is "cool" with the situation although it was difficult for him in the early days.

“He is cool with it. When we met he was confused as to whether I am a man or a woman.  We chatted and I eventually told him.

“My boyfriend always teases me saying my breast looks like a 10-year old’s,” Yul laughs.  

It was only in 2009 when Yul told his parents that he had removed his testicles and was in a process of a sex reassignment (sex change) from male to female.

Although this came as no surprise to his mother, Yul’s father could not get to grips with it.   

Yul admits that he always felt different but kept it for himself and other kids at school would tease him. 

“I tried to commit suicide several times and when my parents asked me why I would not tell them because I was depressed,” says the 29 year old.

After the unsuccessful suicide, Yul’s parents sent him to a psychologist who referred him to a therapist.

 “When I told the psychologist about my wish to become a woman, she tried to discourage me but then the therapist advised me on how to deal with my problem,” says Yul.