Beware of SaaraÔÇÖs net

More often than not development is the corner-stone of Government planning and spending.
In the case of Namibia (a middle income earning country) development has been the driving force of Government’s spending.
Government pours billions into education, health, social security and even infrastructure development, but alas the expenditure into these sectors could be even more if business community all pays their dues to the tax man.
The Ministry of Finance has been pushing to get avenues to improve revenue inflows into the treasury and such measures include improving tax compliance.
Amid such efforts by Government, the corporate sector which is one of the Government’s sources of earning has many rotten apples which do not see the need to pay their dues to the tax man.
Research actually shows that hundreds of companies are evading tax.
Resistance by these corporates from paying their dues could also be one of the major reasons why improving educational funding is taking longer than the country expects.
It could also be the reason why the health sector has not been able to train as much personnel within the past 22 years and has left the country heavily reliant on expatriates.
What boggles the mind of any Namibian who is pro-development today is that, it is the same corporates that blame the Government for not driving development and also under spending on building a knowledge-based economy that evades tax.
According to the Ministry of Finance there could be even bigger companies out there who are creaming off from the conducive business environment in the country, but they just do not see the reason behind supporting the system that created such an environment.
Reality is that although the MoF is not certain to date of exactly how many individuals or companies both small scale and medium sized are deliberately staying away from the tax man’s route, developmental money could just be laying somewhere idle.
It is pretty commendable to see that Government has since realised that someone is shortchanging the system and they are now going for what is due to them
To all those corporate that are not part of the tax net, either because of ignorance or just laking of willingness , what The Villager would say today is, “Beware of Saara’s net. One day it will be cast in your area.”