Gazza expands business

Forget about his mineral water brand or the 467 clothing line brand that is still hot in the eyes of fashion enthusiasts!
Popular Namibian kwaito musician-cum-producer, Gazza is on the verge of entering a rather unpopular venture as he has set his sights peeping into the sunglass industry.
The sensational Gazza who last Saturday launched his much awaited album is planning on introducing a sunglass range that will be the next coolest thing under his business radar, well at least for this summer.
“I will soon be launching my sunglass range as my latest offering. The sunglass range will be a venture between me and a top optical company and they are already on the market though they are yet to be officially launched. They will be available worldwide and it is going to be an exciting venture,” disclosed Gazza in a recent interview.
“I have heard a lot of people asking me about the sunglasses and most people actually do not believe that they are mine,” he professed.
The GMP boss also added that 2013 is going to be a year of great things for GMP as he plans on going an extra mile for his fans.
“In 2013 I am going to re-arrange myself and put my house in order. I have made a research and I found out what people like about GMP and I’m going to devote my time concentrating on our strengths,” disclosed Gazza.
The award winning artist whose real name is Lazarus Shiimi released his latest album titled ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ and he said that he coined that title as he feels that it represents freedom as he was once again able to fully explore his personal feelings.
“I was looking at the ups and downs that I have gone through in my music career, the name fits perfectly. As artists, we forget where we come from, we come from the struggle, with this album I did not shy away from my struggle but I wrote about it,” said Gazza about his latest offing.
Perhaps his sunglass ranges will get tails wagging from some dogs that always bark their way into the market with something different.