Namport improves handling capacity



With recent increased activity, Namport has announced the arrival of two state-of-the-art Mobile Harbour Cranes worth N$ 80million which are currently being assembled at the Port of Walvis Bay.
The machines procured from an Austrian based company LIEBHERR will be added to Namport’s existing fleet of logistic equipment and is set to increase the ports handling capacity extensively.
Chief Executive Officer of Namport Bissey Uirab pointed out that of the new acquired cranes will be officially handed over to his company end of February, upon the completion of the assembling and commissioning process.
“The cranes are designed ideally for versatility and efficient cargo handling and constitutes an important step in the modernization of the Port of Walvis Bay,” reads a statement from Uirab today.
He further stated that this acquisition will enable the terminal to deploy a total of 6 cranes at any given time on berth 1-3, as well as to simultaneously allow for effective maintenance rotation as one crane is planned to be either on standby or to be on scheduled maintenance.
 According to Uirab, vessels currently calling at the Walvis Bay port make use of the existing Liebherr 500 MHC cranes which has proven to have improved productivity levels from 10 to 18 moves per crane per hour.
 He said, “The arrival of these cranes will also not only reduce the waiting time of vessels, but also the cost borne by the importers and exporters.”
Over the past 24 months, the Port of Walvis Bay has become a hive of activity with large container / bulk vessels that offload cargo destined for various countries in the regions coming calling in, at any given time of the month.