Goat thief fakes death

abraham Sinkanda (37) shocked Nakazaza Village, west of Rundu, when he returned last month for the first time after being presumed dead in eight years.
Sinkanda, a serial goat thief in the area, was presumed dead in a crocodile attack in 2005.
 “It was a shock. Just imagine your boyfriend who died a long time ago showing up just like that,” said Sinkanda’s ex-girlfriend and babe-mama, Sihawa Sirongo.
“He just came out of nowhere and people, including his family, didn’t know what to say. He gave me N$5000 for his son’s school stuff and also said he drives his own taxi in Ondangwa,” said Sihawa.
She said there were mixed reactions when he returned. “Some were out to hurt him. They came over at his father’s house demanding to see him. They called the police who came to fetch him but could not detain him as there were no records for his cases.”
A funeral was held at his mother’s house at Nakazaza in December 2005 when reports about his death in the jaws of a crocodile came.
Andreas Sivute, whose goat kraal was depleted by Sinkanda said he would like to see police take action.
“I’m one of the people who want to see the authorities taking action. That boy brought us hardships and he cannot be forgiven for that. I think someone in his family knew he was alive all this time,” he said.
Unfortunately, Sivute said, police at Kahenge Police Station, were unable to help because they did not have Sinkanda’s files.
Sivute confirmed that a complaint is being prepared to be logged with the traditional authority.
“All we have at the moment is just his cellular phone number and there’s not much we can do with it but the matter will soon be with the chief so that at least his family can be held accountable for his theft,” said Sivute.
When reached by phone, Sinkanda agreed to once being a goat thief and confirming faking his death because, he said, it was the right thing to do at the time.
“My family was being targeted because of me. I was going to die for sure if I hadn’t done that. One way or another, I had been marked for death by witchcraft or murder. I was going to die,” said Sinkanda who refused to reveal his whereabouts.
He said only one person knew he wasn’t really dead and had been using him to send money home and to the family.