Woman burns kidÔÇÖs buttocks for peeing in bed

a 24 year old woman appeared in the Oshakati Magistrate Court on charges of assault and grievous bodily harm last week Thursday (today).
Albertina Vatilifa Hauwanga allegedly unleashed her brutal wrath against a three year old girl who was left in her care on February 3, 2012 at her home in Eengwena village in the Ohangwena Region.
Hauwanga allegedly subjected the minor to torture by burning her on her buttocks which had a gaping a hole, arms, stomach, head legs and swollen private parts, the minor was also discovered with a broken arm that had a protruding bone.
“She tortured the poor girl to a point that the child could not walk. It was only when a relative had travelled from Oshakati and went home to visit that day the poor child was discovered,” said King Mandume a relative to Lucia Paulus, the mother of the child.
Mandume who works in Oshakati allegedly went home to check on the family and discovered the minor all bandaged up in pieces of clothes with open sores all over her tiny body.
“When I went there I brought the two children some sweets and I asked Hauwanga’s daughter to find the other child so I could give them sweets but she replied that she could not get her because the kid was sick and does not move. I went to the room to see the child and luckily Hauwanga was not home at the time.  I was shocked and horrified by what I saw. How can someone do that to such a small child, its pure evil, and she was hiding the child away from people instead of taking her to the hospital,” said Mandume.
According Paulus  (23), she was approached by Hauwanga who is a friend since they attended a youth group together at the village and she asked her if she could let her look after the daughter since she also had a daughter of the same age.
Paulus agreed for the daughter to live with Hauwanga at the time as she was planning to travel to Gobabis to visit her daughter’s father.
While in Gobabis not for a period longer than two days Paulus received a phone call from the Police in Oshakati instructing her to return home immediately as her daughter was hospitalised with serious injuries.
“I couldn’t travel immediately because I did not have bus fare. I only got to travel two days later and when I arrived in Oshakati I immediately went to the Oshakati Hospital where I found my daughter under the care of my mother.”
“It was a bad sight, my child was all bandaged up and had a cast on one arm and sores all over and her privates were badly swollen,” said Paulus to the Oshakati Magistrate court on Thursday before Magistrate Helen Ekandjo.
When asked however Hauwanga allegedly refused to say how and with what she has tortured the minor but said she only punished the child because she was peeing in bed.
Hauwanga first appeared in the Oshakati Magistrate court right after she was arrested last year February and was released and granted N$500 bail as she was also heavily pregnant at the time.
The case was postponed to March 12, 2013 for continuation and Hauwanga remains free on bail.
The minor’s name is protected.