MTC considering 2013 Media Awards

With a hand in almost every contest in the country, from sports to fashion, mobile telecommunications giant, MTC now plans to be involved with the national media award
MTC ‘s Chief Human Capital  and Corporate Affairs Officer Tim Ekandjo  while commending this country’s  journalists for their role in uncovering the truth despite hostile and inhibitive conditions,  revealed that  MTC  is  now keen to continue its support for the media in various capacities in addition to the Sport Journalist Award of the year it annually sponsors.
“We are still looking into the best way to introduce such an award (additional media award) and [are] looking at various platforms. . .” he said adding that the award is certain to materialise this year.
Ekandjo further urged veteran journalists and media houses to mentor rookie journalists in building their capacity and developing their skills.
 “Young journalists that have just graduated should also be properly inducted before working on sensitive stories and experienced journalists need to make an effort to transfer skills to upcoming journalist coming through the ranks,” Ekandjo urged.
Namibia has not hosted media awards over the last two years following a disinterest by scribes who felt the then Misa Awards were not free and fair.
 “Good journalism results from the information gathering and processing of those activities, and importantly the knowledge and mental process applied by the journalist,” said Ekandjo, adding that Namibian journalists are on the right path.
“Although these elements alone are not sufficient to define the actual quality of journalism, we are certainly confident that Namibian journalist are on the right path  bringing us stories that are newsworthy in terms of timing, significance, proximity, prominence and human interest.”
MTC has not announced how much it will pour into the media awards but hinted that it might still incorporate Misa in the process.