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World warms up to Hage

Mon, 14 January 2013 08:57
by Staff Writer

Re-elected ruling party Vice Party and Namibia’s likely next President come 2015, Hage Geingob continues to receive more congratulatory messages from friendly governments around the world and the global business community, almost a month since his achievement at the Swapo Party elective congress.
According to Geingob’s office, the new Prime Minister has, even in the New Year, received personal messages of congratulations from countries across Africa, Europe and Asia as well as multilateral institutions.
The most influential leaders who have sent congratulatory messages include communists led countries, the prime ministers of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, North Korea Choe Yong-rim, Vietnam, Nguyen Tan Dung and Cuba’s President Raúl Castro.
Others include Zimbabwe’s Vice President Joyce Mujuru and Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, besides a whole list of Western leaders who are all keen to work with him.
“Receiving messages of support, strength and vision as Vice President of the Swapo party particularly from communists countries is humbling and also self-assuring because those are the throngs on which our revolution was launched, communism and as a progressing leader I have been criticised as too capitalist.
“I don’t think world leaders would have gone to that extent if they did not understand where I am coming from and where I am going,” said Geingob.
Some of the messages sent to Geingob describe the renewed mandate as an opportunity to meet and continue with most of the ruling party’s expectations towards economic development.
Others expressed certainty that under the current leadership and with continuity of purpose, Namibia will ‘endeavour to explore new areas of bi-lateral co-operation for the benefit of its peoples’.
Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao, offered his ‘continued support in his endeavour’ in recognising Namibia’s commitment to peace, prosperity and stability.
Other messages praised the Premier describing him as someone who has gone through the mill to be a fully-baked statesman.
On his part, Geingob thanked the local and international business communities for their support and welcoming him.
“I read each and every one of those messages. Some came as letters, others in adverts and their sincerity humbles me to look forward to fruitful working relations with the business world, even the church voiced its welcome, particularly Bishop Kameeta.
“It shows that the changes and the development of the Swapo party is also the changes and development of the whole of Namibia, our international friends and the whole world,” said Geingob.