Lawyers have egos but not boxers


  I attended a gala dinner for the JP Karuihe Trust last week, an event full of legal practitioners.  Damn, lawyers are pompous. I used to think it’s only us sports people who like to show off but I learnt something new about legal practitioners.This guy, who runs Kaumbi Inc (Joshua Razikua Kaumbi) talks, walks and presents himself like he shits fanta-orange.  And there he was telling everyone on stage that he doesn’t drive the ‘black man’s taxi,’ (Range Rover) blah blah blah.Her highness Razikua Kaviua, the magistrate of Karibib could not be outdone.  Young, beautiful, elegant and very drunk.  There is nothing as sexy to a man as seeing a woman on stage intoxicated and trying to give a speech. To us, (to me), it was as if she was undressing herself. Her posture on stage was appetizing to say the least; standing with her legs astride in a sizzling Foschini skirt (perhaps seeking balance), the stage lights appeared to dazzle her more than they way we found her dazzling.  And there she was talking about the Jeep she is now driving. Lol. How did I know she was drunk? She was friendly with hugs. At some point she refused to go on stage saying she was in high heels. But it’s the ego that I found puzzling. Even Patrick Kauta got so embedded in the ego-centrism of the night the he pretended not to know me, yet we used to support African Stars together.Enough with the legal practitioners. The Welwitschias will be coming home later this week.  So what? MTC’s N$1.6m was flushed down the drain. Now I understand why Government doesn’t care. They know this country has more beer drinkers than sports people. There will be numerous parties across Rehoboth and Khomasdal when the players come back, but no one will bother enquiring, WHAT WENT WRONG IN NEW ZEALAND?n87-0? Whose children? In two months time, rugby will go back again to MTC asking for more money. And they will be given. During the November national Sports Awards, rugby players will be among those getting awards. But for what?  For going to embarrass us at the World Cup? There is no need even to recognise upcoming rugby players, because when they mature, the Springboks will just be there to hammer them. Was it not the Nigerian Government who suspended their national team after a pathetic showing at the 2010 World Cup? It was either the Guinea or Ivory Coast President who ordered the whole national team to military detention, after embarrassing his country at the 2000 African Nations Cup.  Nothing good is coming out of our sport, and Pohamba does not know that. The only thing that is worth to notice in Namibian sport is our dear national anthem. They played it at the African Games-other countries envied, at the Rugby World Cup one commentator even said the song can win an Emmy, even on Saturday night at the Hitman fight, they played it, but it’s always let down by the sportsmen. The All African Games team is back.  No one is saying a single word. The sports commission is mum, yet more than N$10m was used to go to Maputo. Will there ever be a post-mortem of such sports mediocrity?  I don’t want to know how the money was used but I want to know why our athletes die at the grand stage?  Till when will we remain at the stool of world sports? I watched the Hitman on Saturday night. I saw a strong fighter, I saw the old resilience, I saw a former champion under fire but I saw no hunger.The Hitman has not lost the plot; he just does not have the hunger anymore. Where did all that hunger go? Toys! For someone now a police inspector taking home around N$15 000 each month, for someone now staying in the luxury villas of Dorado, someone driving an X5, The Hitman has so much comfort. That is not the Paulus Moses; I travelled with four years ago. Ego should be left to the lawyers who fight with their mouths in court, not boxers. You are no longer hungry inspector! That boy did good to whip your ass, and I could see that’s when you realised that you need to rekindle the fire. You fought back, you fought hard, it was no easy fight, but what’s letting you down now is the hunger.  You are too full for a boxer. You have the desire to fight, but that destructive hunger of yours that made you angry back then, angry even at referees is no more. Your wife must start treating you hard not like a king. They respect you too much. Even Nestor respects you too much and that is destroying your career. Go back to your old self. There is now no difference between you and the team you support (Arsenal). I have been your friend for years and if I don’t tell you this, the gym won’t. I know you work hard, but you need tougher fights like last Saturday’s, before you even dream of going again to the world title.Don’t worry about those that will say The Hitman is weak, we all know no other boxer is at the stage that you are. You are higher now, and the higher you go the cooler it becomes.  You are now fighting real competition now and you need the hunger of old to stay alive. Live large, but not too large for your game.