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Man breaks prison bullyÔÇÖs jaw

Sun, 16 December 2012 19:27
by Chelsea Karamata

samuel Eichab (29) had his jaw broken last week in Otavi by the man, Steven Nawatiseb, (25), whom he used to bully while in Otjiwarongo police custody.
According to a police detective who refused to be named, the two men got into an argument after Eichab demanded money from Nawatiseb.
“In the report, it looks like Nawatiseb was drinking his beer when Eichab came to demand money,” said the police sergeant.
He said there was a prison rivalry between the two men and on the day, Eichab squashed a cigarette on Nawatiseb’s chest.
Nawatiseb, the constable said, punched Eichab and then ran outside.
“Eichab came with a knife while the other man just took half a brick and hit him on the jaw and he didn’t get up from where he fell,” he said.
At the time of the telephonic interview with the constable, Nawatiseb was being released from custody after it was substantiated that he acted in self-defence.
He told a story of severe police cell bullying he had to endure at the hands of Eichab while he was awaiting trial on a housebreaking charge last year.
It also went back to the years back in high school when Nawatiseb’s nephew turned down Eichab’s proposals.
By the time the two men became cellmates, Eichab had long declared Nawatiseb his enemy.
“He was this kind of boss in the cell and from the first day I was brought in, he targeted me. He made me shower with my clothes that winter morning,” said Nawatiseb.
He said Eichab ate his rations and treated him like a slave. “Along with his friends who were older, they made us young boys wash their clothes and prepared where they slept every night,” he said.
Whenever the food was brought in, Nawatiseb and the other young boys had to wait until Eichab and his friends had taken the best of the food.
“We were like punching bags. They’d beat us whenever they felt like it. The man made me suffer. He was the reason why I promised myself never to steal again,” he said.
He said he saw Eichab when they were both released this year and he had been waiting for him to give him reason for revenge.
“He gave me one that night and I’m sure he now knows how revenge, especially mine, taste like,” said Nawatiseb.
Eichab was unable to talk because his mouth is still wired shut.